Happy Vitamin C National Day!

I've implemented this Seibella serum nightly for the past year now and it's so simple and refreshing. It is a product optional in your "Eco-N.I.N.J.A.S. journey". Here are all the perks about Vitamin C:

National Vitamin C Day is on April 4 each year. Today, we recognize the gazillion ways vitamin C is good for our body, mind, and soul. This powerhouse of vitamins not only wards off cold but benefits us in several important ways. A regular intake of vitamin C can lower the risk of heart disease and reduce blood pressure. It’s amazing for our skin and hair. What’s more incredible is that it’s abundantly present in some of our favorite foods — tomatoes, oranges, bell peppers, and lemons, to name a few. This National Vitamin C Day, let’s learn something new about this super vitamin. And while we’re at it, let’s give our health a little uplift too!

... read more details on the page: National Day Vitamin C.

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