Why aren’t proven drugs on the market?


As I started my day this morning with the curiosity about health supplements I came across this article and just had to give it a read.

To my discovery and perhaps validation, I knew pharmiceuticals were and are money motivated and less humanity motivated.

In this article I read:

A few old drugs still show promise, but they’ve had trouble getting traction. The ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine fiascoes soured doctors on repurposed medications, and the pharmaceutical industry has shown little interest in testing them, especially when it can earn billions from even mediocre new ones, scientists tracking the field say.

Despite them learning…

“It basically prevented loss of smell and taste, which people really bitterly care about,” he said. “That means there’s a real biological effect. That merits further exploration.”

And this also stood out to me…

It’s not rare for a pharmaceutical company to synthesize or study a drug for one purpose, only to discover it works better for something else. The classic instance is sildenafil, or Viagra, which was being developed as a drug for hypertension when scientists noticed a remarkable side effect. Remdesivir, now a front-line drug against covid, was aimed at treating Ebola.

And here’s where the rubber meets the road takeaway for me, as a homeopathic enthusiasts…

The concern is shared by Craig Rayner, a former drug company scientist who worked on the Brazilian trial and other big tests of repurposed drugs. “You can do the largest, most well-funded study in the world,” he said, “but if you choose the wrong dose, it’s rubbish in, rubbish out.”

Back to my thoughts… Now if you ask me many people in the world don’t know better of what increments to take… and if people are getting not enough, that’s a miss as far as hitting the target of self-care.

I just want to encourage people to surely take more inventory and to start supplement their inadequate health vitals with the common suggested Vitamin C’s, D, etc. Learn about your health issues via food allergies so that you know what to avoid for you.

Here is the 5Strands Testing I‘ve done for myself to know about my health allergies from food, environment and minerals. All you need to do is send in strands of your hair to the lab and you’ll get your results mailed to you.

Stay tune as I start blogging about my homeopathic health practices and hopefully it will enlighten you to take notice for your own sake.


Feel free to read the article in it’s entirety below:

Also do share to the blog what were your takeaways? Thanks and make it a great day.

<h1>Why Cheap, Older Drugs That Might Treat Covid Never Get Out of the Lab</h1>

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April 19, 2022 </time>


<p>In March 2020, Dr. Joseph Vinetz left the contemplative world of his Yale University infectious-disease laboratory and plunged into the covid ward at Yale New Haven Hospital, joining an army of health care workers who struggled to treat the deadly viral disease.</p> <p>There were no drugs against covid-19, and no way to predict which infected patients would develop pneumonia or fall into an inflammatory tailspin leading to severe illness or death. In desperation, Vinetz and countless other doctor-scientists trawled the literature for existing medicines that might help.</p><p>“We were in the hospital. We had nothing,” Vinetz