Let's Energize The Black Light Aquarium with Neon Tetras!

Updated: Apr 19

Welcome to Eco-Energize Blog! This will be earth friendly posts to help create and sustain a beautiful planet.

Would you like to be a Eco-N.I.N.J.A. and be added as a tetra to the tank?

One Sunday I decided to just get this colorful neon fish tank going! I had bought it brand new from an OfferUp ad and have been meaning to get to it. (Took about 10 months) However I've had a Japanese beta fighting fish name Winnie since last March when my daughter had just turned a year and 8 months old. I figured I'd get her a fish for her first pet. Now she's 2 and a half and is starting to feed it. I hope her energy resonates by doing that it let's her know her efforts help and matter.

But I also have a bigger vision... I wanted to do something more than just a beta fish. I wanted to get my favorite fishes growing up and they are the Neon Tetras!

Above is a Neon Tetra fish.

As a child it was simply the stand out fish for me with it's shiny coat that looked like a pair of Nike shoes. That didn't just float but at a whim zip through the water.

Now as a intrapreneur leader I realize how cool would it be to showcase every team member of "Eco-N.I.N.J.A.S." with an addition of a neon Tetra every time the team grew. So here we are ready to build this 5 gallon tank and start the journey. Calling all conscious human beings 2022 and on, let's make links and win like in the game Tetras! Haha.

I've created a YouTube Short Video. Feel Free to WATCH!

Curious do you have any Tetras, if so how many?

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