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Style Versatile
My Friends (N.I.N.J.A.S)


You are BRAVER than you believe.

STRONGER than you seem.

SMARTER than you think.

And  LOVED more than you know.

Hello and welcome to the infinite metaverse with Style Sourixay Versatile, who is also known as "SV". I'd like to congratulate you for taking the time to discover and perhaps learn/apply the ways of the wifi-entrepreneurial-lifestyle. It's been a splendid journey and there's a lot out there to become distracted by. There is great news, Style is here to help you navigate the journey of life with more sound, with peace of mind, heart, and soul.

Style is a community leader and advocate who fully embodies the spirit of creativity. Style has a background in being apart of the Talented And Gifted (TAG) programs in the public school systems to graduating with a Applied Science Degree Associates in Professionally Photography from Mt. Hood Community College. You may have seen him as an extra on so many TV series, such as Leverage or Grimm, and even on the back of the Portland Metropolitan Tri-Met bus from 2003 to 2009 busting out a big ol’ smile! 😊

Besides his energetic smile, Style wasn’t always called Style, he had a very unique name where only a handful of people on the planet have. He’s still kept it as his middle name and you can learn and see more if you become a free member of Face Chapter N.I.N.J.A.S. (Nonstop Intentionally Nurturing Joyous Ambitious Seekers)

Style has won and stood out with many awards starting from best T-Shirt design for “Johnny The Bat Cat” as a 4th/5th Grade Artist. He’s represented his school class for Artwork influencing positive changes in the world and has had a tree planted for the commencing of such. (In North Portland off of Columbia Blvd.) The awards didn’t’ end there as Style also won best dressed award voted by the patrolling security guard at Portsmouth Middle school in 6th grade. You can say Style was on his way to be an artist of sort someway or another.

In high school, Style was finding it more challenging to keep up, his childhood background of transitioning from neighborhoods every 2 years didn’t provide a sound living environment. Yet sports and the arts where his saving grace. Despite the difficulties, Style focused on what was positive. He essentially wanted to give back as he was given to. So as a Junior in high school he decided to coach flag football as well as be an outdoor student leader for camp Collins.

In his transitions in high school Style went from Student of the Month, to having to go to Summer school to catch up scholastically. (not the typical scenario, no) Nevertheless Style had a burning desire to lead and decided to run for Associated Student Body 3rd Vice President and ended up winning. Style went from a speaking too fast with street slang to mumbling in front of his school assembly.

As you can imagine, what was a young lad who barely passed his classes going to do to help lead his school? Well with many plates spinning, or irons in the fire, life would have it to where Style had an overload of stresses (too many irons in the fire, without a supportive team) bringing upon a mental breakdown halfway through his high school senior year in 1999.

The many challenges Style took upon has been a learning lesson. He's learn to pace oneself, be humble and ask for help, take great care of oneself by making sure to get your well needed rest. Invest in oneself with self-help, spirituality, and on going learning. And now even at this stage and age in his life in his 40s, Style knows that strategizing while being persistent towards your goals and dreams is the playbook.


There are adversity and impasse on the journey and with that known, Style is starting to shed his wisdom by being the leader in the world and the becoming globally interconnected shining positive projects to aid him and his fellow beings to evolve. Every master was once a disaster. With that said, we can take our mess and learn to see the sliver lining and create the message from it. Won't you join Style and one of his many empowering endeavors and help humankind know that you are also a beacon of hope, that lighthouse, or glimmering candlelight to help light a path for brighter times.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.

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