Spiritual Volition Accumulates Creative Transcendence 


What is SVACT?

Style Sourixay Versatile time as a monk brought upon the embracing of the word "volition". 

​Think... therefore you are. Attract the life you envision to let it unfold. It's not hocus-pocus it's all about focus! We DARE you to SVACT = "Spiritual Volition Accumulates Creative Transcendence!" Welcome, I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here. SVACT is a collaborative group of Spiritual Mediums/Ministers based in the Pacific Northwest - We're here to help guide you through life’s complex and difficult matters. Whatever you’re going through, we're here to help you find your peaceful/spiritual/resonance way forward. From a young age Style realized he was blessed with a gift that enabled him to see and sense things others could not. Let him aid you for more spiritual discoveries. Contact Style to schedule an in person appointment or phone/zoom call session. For now feel free to be apart of a FREE SVACT group on Face Chapter!

"How SVACT came into fruition."​

Sabaidee, (Hello, how are you in Lao) This term SVACT has evolved since it's births. Back in 2006 or so Style whom is also known as Sourixay (join member to learn meaning of name) became a novice monk at the Portland Lao temple. He realized after graduating with a photography degree that he didn't really have a grasp of his roots or where he was from.

In this spiritual chapter, he became aware of the word volition in reading Buddha's Dhamma. There he was so captivated by it that he realized it was apart of his initials with the letter "V". Because of such a challenging previous first name to say for Westerners, he had people call him "SV" for short. Having learned what volition means, Style's understanding of it is "practical thought, either for good or bad, like free will, but with a sequencing of upstream thinking perhaps." He realize that he was cleverly acting on his initials "SV-ACT" and hence that motto has been born! As awareness has evolved so has the evolving sequence of words starting at:

1) Show Varity Across Community Television

(When Style was doing MetroEast Community Television)​

to ​

2) Show Volition Aspire Courageous Talents​

3) Spiritual Volition Aspire Creative Talents​

to now Spiritual Volition Accumulates Creative Transcendence. (SVACT)

This has been a working idea since 2012 or earlier.

Too many things in the world are happening without result of practical thought for a proactive return. Now is the time to teach people the dhamma of SVACT.

This is a website to encourage each and every individual to pursue a life of fulfillment.

Don't delay another moment not knowing which direction you are going. Take action today & SVACT!

You're welcome to join as a FREE member and come to our gatherings.

Let’s Work Together

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